Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA)
Why Choose a Career in Print? Because Print is All Around You.

Yes, in this digital world where you can read an ebook on your phone, printing is as necessary as ever. Print is more than just communication. Look around you – the programs at the game, the billboards by the road, the label on your favorite frozen pizza, even the packaging that your iPad comes in – Print is fundamental to daily life.

Print is necessary for every other industry to conduct business and reach consumers. Print gives credibility and stature to a message in a way that other media cannot. By integrating with digital channels, Print brings depth and permanence.

Print is transforming itself through technology and discovering new ways to become an essential part of your everyday world:

Print remains a vital industry. It is the second largest manufacturing industry in the United States, employing the third largest number of people. And, it needs you.

Talented people with a wide spectrum of abilities are necessary in this exciting industry. As you begin to explore the careers you may enter after you graduate, we hope you’ll think about joining us in Print.

The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) has an internship posting segment to their website. Students can now post resumes, and also search for any posted Internships. The initiative is designed to better connect employers with students looking for job experiences in the graphic communications industry.

Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA)
Job listing in the screen printing, wide format and specialty graphics field.


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